TKA’s Kettlebell Foundation fitness programming derives from methods Coach Vyvial learned through his time with RMAX CST, Renegade Training, AKC Fitness and HIKF. Much like Kettlebell Athletics, KB Foundation focuses on highly detailed movement patterns coupled with a high volume and relaxation; the primary emphasis is on time under tension and the length of the set rather than the number of reps per set.

Most forms of kettlebell fitness in the United States combine bodybuilding and power lifting techniques, while most American kettlebell instructors actually teach a stylized version of kettlebells. Certain movements such as the Turkish Getup and the two-hand swing may be great exercises but they have little in common with the true lifting methods for which kettlebells were actually created. The Texas Kettlebell Academy focuses on the movements specifically designed for the kettlebell and kettlebell sport, and specialization in training authentic form and technique.

Contemporary kettlebell fitness, developed in Russia centuries ago, originates from a series of core lifts, and typically involves large numbers of continuous repetitions with short rest periods within timed sets. Practitioners experience huge gains in strength, endurance, and power as the entire body reforms, making this workout more akin to endurance sport and metabolic conditioning than traditional weight training. In one study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, people performing a 20-minute snatch workout, on average, burned 13.6 calories per minute aerobically and 6.6 calories per minute anaerobically during the entire workout—roughly the equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace. The same study revealed a 70% increase in abdominal core strength across participants. When practiced correctly, the physical benefits of the core kettlebell lifts are so dramatically evident that the functionality of the original system is clear—it needs no modification. Abbreviated training with just a handful of specific lifts will yield amazing gains with a much better chance of staying injury free.