Kettlebell Athletics is our "Girevoy Sport" program for those brave individuals that would like to become a kettlebell sport athlete and try out for our TXKB Competition Team.

Kettlebell sport, competitions originated in Europe more than 60 years ago, and are based on the original purist forms of kettlebell lifting. Training in this specialized manner greatly increases an athlete’s work capacity and efficiency, but it also requires a level head and a keen sense of focus. Athletes must remain calm and "in-flow" during the extended set lengths of kettlebell sport competition. Training an efficient bodily response to the stressors induced by long periods of physical activity enables lifters to focus on technical precision, breath control, and energy conservation. Thus, success in kettlebell sport is as much a mental achievement as it is a physical one.

As one of the quickest growing modern sports, Kettlebell competitions are quickly becoming a force in the American sports world, and the Texas Kettlebell Academy Team (TXKB) has already made its mark as one of the most successful kettlebell sport teams in the USA. Coach Vyvial is one of the few KETAcademy Master-Level Coaches with numerous Master of Sport and MSIC athletes training under his guidance.

The two main competitions in Kettlebell Sport are:

  1. Jerk and Snatch Biathlon
  2. Long Cycle (Clean to Chest and Jerk)