Training sessions at Texas Kettlebell Academy begin and end with RMAX-based Russian Joint Mobility warm-ups and Indian Athletic Yoga Compensation cool-downs. The warm-up primes the body’s connective tissues and lubricates its joints, enhancing strength, range of motion, and agility. The cool-down serves to “unpack” the physical intensity of your training, by guiding the body through breathing and mobility drills in each of the 6 ranges of motion. Both the warm-up and cool-down postures are tailored specifically for each workout, and ensure continued progress and health while training.

The body is continually adaptive—both to fitness training and the habits of daily life—which often leads to an over-specialization within muscular and skeletal systems. By "bookending" high-intensity weight training with these unique joint mobility and compensation exercises, over-specialization is addressed before training objectives suffer and injury occurs.

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