Clubbells® are fitness tools that look much like weighted baseball bats. In fact, they are a 21st century version of the original swinging clubs once used in ancient Russia, Persia, and India for martial arts. Efficiency, above all else, explains the long-standing appeal of this remarkable piece of equipment. Due to their displaced center of mass, Clubbells® are relatively light compared to the force produced by their movement. When a Clubbell® is swung, torque increases force production exponentially rather than arithmetically—swinging the club twice as fast produces four times the force. When compared to conventional free-weights and machines, Clubbells® are lighter, more portable, and capable of extreme ranges of motion—making multidimensional strength gains more accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the traction created by their movement strengthens both the muscle and connective tissue surrounding the joints, negating the strain and damage that is sometimes caused by conventional resistance training.

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Coach Vyvial demonstrating club bell basics with a 85lb bell.