Coach Vyvial performing a one handed long cycle with a 24Kg Kettlebell.

The Texas Kettlebell Academy specializes in proper form and detail of traditional kettlebell lifting and the programming of kettlebell sport, while embracing a holistic, whole-body approach to fitness training. We believe everyone, regardless of experience or athleticism, can benefit from kettlebell training using our highly detailed core lifts as grounding for physical growth and success.

Our clients gain maximum results—elevated endurance levels, increased strength, and muscle tone—healthfully and safely, through conscientious attention to joint mobility, compensation exercises, and authentic Russian-style training. Our programmatic, individualized approach cultivates perfectly efficient form, relaxed strength, and a calm, confident mind. Success is yours. Achieve it.

Right and wrong. Soft and hard style. Old and new. These are simplistic binary views, that add no value to Kettlebell Sport. There are many ways to perform each sport lift, and all strive for maximum efficiency and fluidity. TXKB is the Texas Kettlebell Academy, for a reason. We strive to learn all methods, and apply the technique that makes sense to each individual lifter, at that moment. Progress and achievement in Kettlebell Sport is a journey, not one set of skills acquired. As coaches and teachers, Vyvial and Gorman make it their purpose to continually broaden and deepen their understanding of the most healthful and efficient way to move weight through space for extended periods of time.

As students and athletes with hungry minds, we have had the good fortune to learn from and spend extended periods of time with some of the most celebrated and talented kettlebell sport professionals of our time. Some of these friends, mentors and coaches that have influenced the way we understand movement and Girevoy Sport (Kettlebell Sport) are listed below.

  • Sergey Mishin HMS, MSIC
  • Sergey Rachinskiy HMS, HCR, MSIC
  • Sergey Merkulin HMS, MSIC
  • Ivan Denisov MSWC
  • Denis Vasilev MSIC
  • Aleksander Khvostov MSIC
  • Igor Morozov MSIC
  • Yevgeniy Goncharov MSWC
  • Ksenia Dedukhina MSIC
  • Serhiy Hetmanenko HCU, MS
  • Sergei Rudnev MSIC
  • Valery Fedorenko HMS, MSWC
  • Arseny Zhernakov HMS, PHD
  • Svitlana Krechyk MSWC
Assistant Instructor Jessica performing a one handed long cycle with a 24Kg Kettlebell.