In an era of fitness fads and boutique gyms that hop from trend to trend, we are proud to be a part of the girevoy tradition. In the same way that you want to know where the food you put into your body came from, you should know where the programming that you put into your body came from.

Sergey Michin

Known as "The Ultimate Girevik" Sergey Rachinskiy is one of the most admired champions in Kettlebell Sport History. He won his championships in an era when championships were decided by 1 or 2 reps. He is famous for is mental toughness, competitive drive, and eccentric spirit. Sergey is a true legend in the sport.

Sergey Michin

Coach Mishin is the Grandcoach of The Texas Kettlebell Academy. His journey into kettlebells began in 1974. In his words, “I was fat and I wanted to be slim...That’s how I began that DRUG called ‘girevoy sport’.” His early training was all self-guided and a consequence of his enthusiasm. While fellow soldiers would relax after a day’s work, Coach Mishin would use his spare time to train with kettlebells in the barracks.

After his discharge from the Soviet Army, he committed himself to earning the rank of Master of Sport, which he achieved in 1984. Coach Mishin achieved this rank at his very first, and after only ten months of training. Since then, he has never lost the Championship of Russia competition. In 1985, he won the first Soviet Championship.

He was the first Honored Master of Sport in Russia. Since then, he has racked up an impressive series of competitive victories!


In Long Cycle

Serhiy Hetmanenko accepting an award.

Coach Vyvial completed an eight month fellowship as an athlete and student of programming with Coach Serhiy Hetmanenko. This knowledge has helped him develop the programming for individual students at The Texas Kettlebell Academy.

Serhiy Hetmanenko is the Head Coach of the American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA). Some of his achievements are Master of Sport in Weightlifting, and the distinction of Honored Coach in Ukraine, for his significant contribution to the development of Kettlebell Sport and the preparation of numerous world-class champions. Hetmanenko is one of the most accomplished Coaches in the world for Kettlebell Sport, he has coached 42 Masters of Sport, 12 Masters of Sport of international class, 18 World Champions, and 17 Junior World Champions. His students have set more than 20 world records in Kettlebell Sport.