Coach Jessica Gorman resting after a one handed long cycle workout.

Jessica Gorman is an instructor, certified personal trainer, and business manager at Texas Kettlebell Academy. She specializes in coaching clients in kettlebells, clubbells®, and active flow bodyweight training as primary tools for building strength and increasing endurance, energy and fitness levels. Jessica is a member of TXKB's competitive Kettlebell Sport team, and has earned her Master of Sport and CMS in Long Cycle (KetAcademy, 20kg and AKA/IUKL, 16kg). She had the honor of being one of the first women in the US to compete in Long Cycle with two 16kg bells -- in a full flight of female lifters at OKC's Cali Open (Feb 2015). Jessica currently trains under TXKB’s Head Coach, Aaron Vyvial.

Jessica — a mother in her thirties and a lifelong runner — began her journey into personal training in 2012 when she realized that the benefits of running alone had reached a plateau. After taking a women’s self defense class under Coach Vyvial at Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy, she experienced immediate improvements in her physique, posture, and strength while reducing muscle tension and stress. As she branched out into kettlebells and circular strength training, Jessica found her niche — a holistic approach to fitness that balances form, core strength, and joint mobility, improving physical health and mental focus. Importantly, her fitness regime is efficient enough to fold into her busy schedule raising two young kids — and gives her the energy to keep up with them. Jessica now works empowering others to follow suit.

Coach Jessica Gorman being coached by Sergey Merkulin, HMS, MSIC

As an instructor and an athlete, she has been fortunate enough to learn from several of the leading kettlebell and fitness coaches in the industry today, including:

Coach Gorman's certifications include: