Coach Aaron Vyvial during a motivational talk with a student.

Coach Vyvial has been promoting kettlebells and Clubbells® for optimal health and full body fitness since 2004. His foresight led him to found the very first kettlebell and Clubbell® specific gym in Texas in 2005 through the Physical Foundation.

Coach Vyvial brings a valuable perspective to fitness and strength training beyond that of most other fitness instructors. His more than twenty years of training Ving Tsun Kung Fu and fifteen years of teaching have given him a rigorous understanding of body position and skeletal structure. Applying the purity of form of Kung Fu to the lifting and movement techniques of kettlebell sport, CST™, and Clubbells® training guarantees his athletes powerful results.

Coach Vyvial’s own kettlebell training began in California in 2004-2005, where he worked with Senior Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructors. Though the efficiency and power potential of kettlebells was clear, Coach Vyvial still looked for a strength workout complementing all body and mind systems. In an effort to blend years of martial arts training with new levels of physicality and strength, Coach Vyvial started training under the Flow Coach, Scott Sonnon and his Core Cadre. He trained in early workshops and Certification groups for CST and RMAX International, where he received an intensive hands-on education in the science of Circular Strength Training®, client assessment and Poise Analysis. As a CST Instructor (2005), Coach Vyvial taught the modalities of Warrior Wellness Joint Mobility, Clubbells® training, Prasara Yoga and Body Flow. To this day, he continues his training as a CST instructor specializing in Clubbells® athletics.

Also in 2005, Coach Vyvial placed himself under the tutelage of the infamous strength coach John Davies of Renegade Training (anyone ever heard of Renegade Rows?) and attended one of the first ever Renegade Trainer Certifications. With Davies, Coach Vyvial specialized in the Renegade Kettlebell program, Sport Specific Training protocols, Pink™Yoga system and numerous conditioning exercises utilizing hybrid O-lifts, GPP and Indo Board training. Around the same time, Coach Vyvial started Olympic lifting training with Coach Davies, who soon referred him to Coach Burgener, the senior international weightlifting coach for the United States. Coach Vyvial traveled to Bonsall, California to get personal training from the legendary Coach Burgener of Mike’s Gym. Back in Texas, Coach Vyvial trained for competition lifts at Hyde Park Gym and at Oleg Kechko’s OK Weightlifting gym. He also hosted his own Renegade Certification program with Coach Davies in Austin.

Coach Vyvial has the distinction of being the first student, outside of Russia, of the legendary Sergey Nikolaevich Mishin, former Russian National Team Coach, who was the first Honored Master of Sport of Russia in Kettlebells, a 21 time Russian champion, 7 time USSR Champion and 11 time world champion.

Certifications (Past and Current):